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Euclid Listening to this I can't help but be reminded of one of my favorite hometown bands The Number 12 Looks Like You. There are obvious differences (especially in the vocal dept) but the mix of in-your-face aggression and smooth jazz cannot be denied. The styles of music are blended together so elegantly that as the songs subtly progress they leave the listener wondering how they ended up there in the first place. Favorite track: Myriad.
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Samsara out 7/28/16


released July 28, 2016

The Motion Mosaic is Spencer Hanton, Steve Hefta, Jonah Poynter and Justin Drewlo



all rights reserved


The Motion Mosaic Minneapolis, Minnesota

Heavy Metal from the Twin Cities

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Track Name: Outlook
Awaken me
Grant sight and vision
Force me to finally see what needs to be seen

Take me away
Burden outweighs
Take me away
Silent embrace

With this outlook
My life is fading
I can't maintain this constant wasting away
Take me

Like sand on the beach
I wait for waves come to wash me away

Come wash me away
Track Name: Jumper
Always craving sleep
Weak weary there's no hope for me
I am missing all sense of direction
In this world I fear to call home
We have searched the depths
Returned with empty hands
No one here is free
Victims of
Victims of conformity
Closed eyes, Closed minds
Dark skies loom, rain follows, always follows

No one here is free
Forced to be
Were all victims

Finally beginning to see
We've spread incurable disease
Cancer of the earth
Pollutants poison the seas

Life escapes me
Winds they take me
Neither flesh nor dirt are immune
Life escapes me
Winds they take me
Dead planet no resources left to consume

Drowning in our sorrows how
Could we let the light burn out
Buried in stillborn dreams
And their voices scream

Who do I ask for help?
The burden is my own
Buried in these stillborn dreams

And I’m not strong enough to bear the weight
No not in this state
Staring at the sky praying with mouths agape
With lack of consciousness we’re drowning in the rain
Apathy infests our clogged arteries
There's no way to stop it we’ve spread incurable disease
They say we can break these chains and we can change our ways
But fuck the cure if there's no profit
Neither flesh nor dirt immune to this dying planet, no resource to consume
We’ve lost sight of our potential we must reach new heights

Clean this slate
Pray for rain

Pray for rain
Watch the sun light our own mistakes
Pray for rain
Ask ourselves if we deserve to burn in our own wake
Take me away
Silent embrace

Mother of mercy
Father of death
Give my soul courage
Give my head rest
Mother of mercy
Father of death
Prayers become product of our unrest
As they manifest into nothingness

Accepting the inevitability that I can never reach this reverie
My final days have dawned on me
I've searched to the depths of solace
But returned with empty hands
The one time I caught a glimpse was to end this instance
And even if I ascended to the highest of heights, Id still be perched upon an unstable precipice
Staring down at the darkest of waters
In life we wait to fall or we leap
Track Name: Myriad
Awaken here into the abyss
So this is the end
Or is this the beginning
Am I dead or just drifting
A world without form
Darkness upon the face of the deep
Am I dead or fast asleep

An empty place for my head to swim
Born in darkness now the light shines dim
A light comes
A light comes
To separate the shadows and create contrast
A duality to everlast
Now i'm alive in everything

I once was lost I was imprisoned
It's too late i've made my decision
All is now subject to revision
Land and sea undergo collision

Raise the mountains up to the sky
Shine a light upon the world
Now I'm alive and in everything
Im alive, Im alive, now I'm alive in everything

Plant the seed, watch the roots spread into what was nothing

And grow into everything
Thoughts in motion, mosaic ocean
This myriad, omnipresent
All alone but you can find me within everything
Watch me build with no one to destroy
The isolated architect i’ve become
Finally set free

As the sun sets on the first day
Life spreads a new
Spreads a new

I will find hope
I feel no fear
Interconnect all
Perfect this globe
Spinning this sphere

I will find hope
I feel no fear
Constructing so long I've been here for years

Plant the seed watch the roots spread into what's now everything

Grow feel my veins
Alternating space
Thoughts in motion, mosaic ocean
Flow within me

I can't
I can't breathe
I can't
I can't see
Yet I'm part of everything

Now I'm king to reign
Left alone the world I must create
Track Name: Light
Time moves oh so slow
Formation so beautiful become so dull
No home, No role, No pride, No shame
No chance to grow.

Waiting so long just to see the sun rise
Only to
Have no one to share this light
Share this light

Right in front of my own eyes
What I've witnessed all through time
Always searching for someone to appear
Please won’t you take all my pain and despair
Nothing to love and there's nothing to fear

This is my sorrow
No flame bright enough

Waiting so long just to see the sun rise only to have no one to share this light
Track Name: Shapeshifter
Against all odds I begin to design
Withholding the vision
I am the perfect mind
An unknown purpose
An unknown fate
Creation, what will become of me

I have given you the world
Come take a part of my soul

I prod and i pull in each direction
Smooth out the skin and create shoulders of heaven
With eyelids on hinges I breathe you life as my blessing
Each curve perfect symmetry, creation to live infinitely

Perfection, at your sight I go blind
New angels soon to take flight
Soon to take flight
Gifted with life

I've been waiting oh so long for someone to
Live and breathe like me
I've been blind can't see
I'm a part of everything

I've been longing for company
When will we find truth in our own pursuit

Always searching for what could be
Realize it's never ending
Created one In the same
I breathe to you life, in hopes that you sustain
Can we sustain?

I must maintain
Explore all I create

Were all connected in the same pursuit
Searching for serenity and truth
We're all simply searching for our wounds to stop hurting
I hear them cry in fear it's not enough

Explore, Conquer
Let nothing in your way
Leave nothing in your way
Conquer all creation.
Explore, conquer
Must sustain
Explore, Conquer
Explore, we must sustain

Reshape to survive, the plastic of mind
New flowers expanding, a lotus blooms in time
An unknown purpose
An unknown fate
Creation what will become of me

I'm behind your eyes
Im what you can't see
You're just a spec in space
Lost in time
Now you are forever mine

When will we find truth in our own pursuit
Always searching for what could be
Realize it's never ending
Every moment such a blessing
Gods fingers are never resting
Track Name: Detritus
We've surpassed all limitation know where do we go
I've created the world yet left it overgrown
The beauty, perfection (they're lost no direction)
And I long and long and long for this world once my home

It's in the palm of your hands
Explore the vast world
No pain left to endure

Endless landscape to watch you enjoy

Always seeking salvation
But I'm not in sight
They see no point in creation
Angels fall without desire for flight

My doubt becomes paralyzing
This earth a rooted grip on me
Branch out
And Learn to grow in harmony
Deep down
Beyond this poisoned dream
Branch out
There's beauty all around
Deep down
You're too ignorant to see

I've lived a long time, seen with supernal sight
But through this infinite wisdom, optimism I feel uncertainty

Age and grow old
Find there is no hope
There is no hope
Age and grow old
Frail and decompose
Break bones

Find the heavens
In every mountain
In every atom
Find the heaven
Its behind your eyes
Behind your eyes

Why am I unseen
I'm alive in
Why am I unseen
I'm alive in

Im alive
Bite on the hand that feeds you
Write your name in the sand, washed away

I will become known
Try to rebuild from brick and stone

I have built the heavens
You have all rejected

Age your skin sand, flies embody your corpse, with the growth from these roots you frail and decompose

Age and grow old
Bend and break your bones

There's nowhere to go
There's nowhere to grow
Where do we grow
There's nowhere to grow
Track Name: Raindance
Gave you everything to offer found you wasting away
Cancer of the earth you'll know my misery

Sorrows unbound
Let them all drown
We progress till there's nothing but infinite sound
No sense in surviving my endless plague of mind
Destroyer of all but I remain divine
Track Name: Downpour
This wasted wasteland
It comes to an end
I'll transcend
Just pretend
We begin again

These towers are crumbling fast
Blank landscape, wasted wasteland
Degrading, reforming everything into nothing
I've stripped away pride and hate
Now left with infinite space
Heard you pray for rain (I gave you everything)
Wash you all away (drowning impotency)
They've strung the rope that burns their goddamn throats
There is no hope for my broken soul
Silent embracing my fate I'm so hollow
There is no hope for broken souls

Close my eyes and breathe for eternity
Dream, of somber sleep
Silent, speechless I won't speak
Constant drifting
Just breathe

My doubt has become reality
Ripping out my roots I remain hollow here my skin it turns to sand purpose still unclear
Come wash me away

In sorrow have I found peace, the silence the ocean the empty within me
There is no hope for my broken soul
This masquerade I watch my face degrade
Open my ears there is nothing to hear
I close my eyes, drifting to disappear
I am here to remain
Push pins in my eyes, bleed my brain
I could not maintain
Deteriorate, evaporate, dissociate from my bone
Conductor of the tides, my final symphony
Lungs full of water, youll love the deep blue sea
Constant drifting
I can't escape the end
Branch out, sever the roots from this wasted wasteland

Close my eyes and sleep
For eternity
Dream of somber sleep
Silent, speechless, I won't speak
Screaming into the air, there is nothing for me here
I’ve made my peace, I close my eyes, I'll see you on the other side